To date Masini & C. s.r.l. is a benchmark in the loss adjusting sector for companies, brokers and agents, providing its experience and professionalism for users in order to deal with insurance issues related to a harmful event.
The partnership with broker companies guarantees the highest level of efficiency of the performance offered/ service, which means specifically the complete management of the tasks that a claim involves.
The loss adjuster (as expert of the insured company) is an indispensable figure to create the right balance in the most delicate moment of the relationship Insured- Company: the claim.
The job of the expert of the company is to execute all the specific activities necessary to the definition and settlement of insurance claim, solving client issues related to the claim.
Our services, offered in a total independent way from the insurance company, aim to fill the gap that emerges when an insured company speaks directly with professionals expert in the field without the necessary preparation to get an equal confrontation.

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Via dei Gracchi, 169 - 00192

Phone: +39 06.32803228

Fax +39 06.32803225


Via F. Cilea, 57 - 80127

Phone: +39 081.5600052

Fax +39 081.5600622

Milano Corsico (MI)

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 12 - 20094
Phone: +39 02 84927538

MASINI & C. s.r.l. - Registered office: Via dei Gracchi, 169 - 00192 - ROMA (Italia) - C.F./VAT number 09404451008 - R.E.A./C.C.I.A.A. RM N.1160342 - Social Capital i.v. euro 10.000,00
Phone.: +39 06 | Fax.: +39 06 | e-mail: info@masinilossadjusters.com

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